The Mystery of the Rosebud Treasure

Mural Pirates on the Mornington Peninsula…

Graffiti Art Treasure found in Rosebud…

It Stands Out recently organised and executed a large 50 Metre Long Graffiti Art Mural on the side of Cash Deal Rosebud located off Point Nepean Road, Rosebud.

Few people know the meaning of the name Rosebud and the history behind the name. The town is actually named after after a famous Trading Vessel called the Rosebud that was swept aground in the area in 1855. It was impossible to re-float the vessel, trapped on wide sandbanks in Port Phillip Bay, and it became a local feature for several years. Full history here.  

The concept and idea behind this mural is to capture an underwater graffiti art treasure scene which relates to the history of Rosebud, Port Phillip Bay, Sea life conservation and the immediate Port Phillip Bay area. Themed as a humorous illustrative pirate ship wreck treasure scene; this mural is conceptually linked to the business Cash Deal Rosebud as well as being a pun on The Rosebud ship and its treasures!!

Not only does this mural serve as a homage to the history and sea life in the area, it also encompasses a few details that relate and signify tribute to recently past known local diver and tireless Sea Shepherd volunteer Trent Williams; whilst also highlighting sea conservation in the area… which is the true Rosebud Treasure! This wall was designed and curated by It Stands Out, and painted as a collaboration between artists, friends and long time painting partners; @grafficionado, @s4be7h, @Dvate and @MadeInAustraliaCrew. This wall was also sponsored by Cash Deal Rosebud and Loop Colors OzCheck out these shots and slider video of the finished mural….

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The History of the name behind Rosebud…

According to Isabelle Moresby, author of ‘Rosebud, Flower of the Peninsula’, few know the true story of the naming of Rosebud.

Originally known as Banksia Point, Rosebud began life as a fishing community in the early 1850s.

In early 1855, according to Hunter Rogers, Rosebud was caught inshore by a strong westerly gale and was soon a total loss after running on a sandbank. This sandbank was off the present township of Rosebud. A shipwreck at their front door was a wonderful stroke of luck for the local community of struggling fishermen and their families. Planks and all manner of materials were washed up onto the beach and were quickly utilised by the fishermen to improve their existing dwellings. Rolls of damask and similar fabrics were eagerly sought for making clothes, household linen and curtains. In fact the wreck had a most stimulating effect on the whole district. People would arrange to meet at ‘the Rosebud’ and so the settlement got its name.

To discover more about this history please visit the Discover Mornington Peninsula website post on the naming of Rosebud here. 

Ships Ahoy, Me Hearties!! The Painting Process…

As part of this project we decided to capture the process behind this mural and the collaboration of the artists painting it.

We got on board the talented Photographer and Videographer Nathan CCPP to document the process, below are some of the fantastic shots he took during the painting process. Check out Nathan’s Website and his incredible work here…

FULL VIDEO COMING SOON…  Check out some of Nathan’s work in progress shots of the wall here.. 

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Dedication in the detail…

As part of this mural there is a small detail on the diver that is featured as tribute to local Diver and Sea Shepherd volunteer Trent Williams. Below are some words from his diving partner and friend Myra Kelly. The world lost a passionate advocate for the ocean when educator and marine biologist Trent Williams, 48, died whilst scuba diving the wreck of the HMAS Canberra on April 9th 2022. The picturesque coastline of Port Phillips Heads and the magnificent marine life within the water below, Trent couldn’t have picked a more perfect place to bow out – he was in his element.   A lover of all things marine, Trent lived his passion, campaigning hard for the protection of the oceans and made the world a better place for it. He was a tireless Sea Shepherd volunteer, participating in international protest campaigns in Taiji, Japan and the Faroe Islands against the devastating mass slaughter of dolphins and pilot whales.    In addition to protecting marine wildlife, Trent had a belief that every item of rubbish removed from the sea, contributes to making our oceans healthier and our marine environment more sustainable. His voluntary work with the Sea Shepherd Marine Debris campaign took him to locations as remote as Northeast Arnhem Land, however his time was primarily focused on activities within his local community, co-ordinating the Sea Shepherd Mornington Peninsula Marine Debris beach clean ups. This naturally led to additional volunteer contributions across the Mornington Peninsula. A passionate committee member for the successful Save Flinders Pier campaign, he also participated within the Mount Martha Coastal Advisory Group, Save Our Spider Crabs campaign and the Sponge Wall Relocation under Blairgowrie Pier.    Trent was a passionate snorkeler and scuba diver, living life to the fullest underwater and taking advantage of the amazing dive locations across the Mornington Peninsula.  Trent was a genuinely good human. With his welcoming nature, friendly smile and positive outlook, people were naturally drawn to Trent and he was inspiring to so many. He had a unique energy and way of bringing people together. His face lit up and eyes twinkled when he spoke about the marine environment. A natural spokesman and ambassador, he couldn’t help himself but educate people of all ages whenever the opportunity presented itself. Trent was a true advocate for protecting the ocean environment and marine life, tirelessly educating and leading people towards change.   Trent was loved by so many and he will be dearly missed by all who knew him. Just as his family and Karen are going to miss a wonderful father, son and partner, I’m going to miss my dive buddy and best friend.    Trent signed off all his emails with “The voice of the Sea speaks to the Soul”. His soul will rest easy, drifting in blue waters amongst the waves with all things marine.   Float easy on the tides buddy. I’ll catch you below the surface.   I miss you xxx Myra Kelly

Sea Shepherd Mornington Peninsula Marine Debris beach clean ups

Sea Shepherd Australia – Marine Debris Campaign promotes and facilitates coastal & river clean-up. Each month, Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Teams around Australia host local beach and waterway clean-ups.  Make sure to follow the Marine Debris Campaign Facebook page for updates on how and where you can join in stemming the tide of marine plastic pollution.  Recently the Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Team met and ran a clean up day at the Rosebud Beach foreshore. We met with the team and were able show in person the mural and Tribute to Trent. This was an honour presenting this to his family, close friends and fellow Sea Shepherd Volunteers.

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Mornington Peninsula Street Art and Graffiti Art Murals

For It Stands Out, this wall serves as a great canvas and promotion to make a big splash on the Mornington Peninsula, as well as being a good reason to get some good friends and painting partners together to paint a high quality, large scale Graffiti Art Mural in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula.

This particular mural encompasses graffiti elements / pieces that are painted by some of Melbourne’s finest graffiti and street artists within the underwater scene. The purpose of using graffiti art on certain projects like this is actually the best way in hindering illegal vandalism to the wall itself and immediate area. It also acts promote legal graffiti murals to not only local council, but also act as an insight for a positive avenue for younger aspiring generations of graffiti artists and street artists.  

Our professional team of graffiti street artists for hire has built up a large collection of vastly different and unique mural projects across Melbourne and Australia. And now we are now based on the Mornington Peninsula as well, and we want to offer our services to brighten up spaces on the Peninsula with our creative murals. So if you are looking to activate a space with a mural or artwork theme, look no further. We offer a unique service that specialises in high-end street art murals, graffiti art murals and signage. Perfect for tourist businesses and hospitality spaces like wineries, restaurants and tourist attractions located in the suburbs of the Mornington Peninsula. For more info please check out It Stands Out Mornington Peninsula Murals.

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