Graffiti Artists Hire For Melbourne

graffiti artists for hire melbourne

Our company It Stands Out are specialists when it comes to graffiti artists for hire.  Our artists are experts in murals and themed production walls, offering unique graffiti murals mixed with design elements of street art and signage. We can theme graffiti lettering across a mural using an array of various artists that can create a stylised theme and set a strong and engaging visual presence through colours, style, and composition.

Our graffiti-style murals are often used for graffiti prone areas providing a solution to prevent vandalism, to enhance an area, to engage the local community/youth and to be a fantastic creative visual solution that stands out.

Our knowledge in managing, designing, and installing murals has been built from a wealth of experience in various mural applications, installations, techniques, and styles for all types of creative mural projects working alongside artists from Australia and across the globe. We are specialists in mural art and supplying the right visual solution for all wall mural types.

Mural Services

We not only come from a strong background in mural painting, but also through facilitating the management of design, logistics and safety of large-scale mural projects. And we boast not only our own skills but also a range of artists that are masters in their own niches. Bringing the relevant skills to the project and outcomes required for each tailored mural project.

We specialise in all types of murals including:

We pretty much do it all when it comes to murals and when we do, we make sure that it stands out! If you are interested in us working on a creative mural project, then please get in touch and let us know about your project.

Graffiti Artists in Australia

Are you a Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane business looking to create a bespoke mural or graffiti art? We paint murals and street art with professional street artists. A mural is a great medium for creating authentic public engagement through the employment of local artists, mural artists, street artists and professional graffiti artists.

Creating a mural for your business space takes more than just hiring any random artist to paint street art. The artwork should be created with inspiration and an idea of what your business is looking to create. Do you have a large wall space that is repeatedly being sprayed with graffiti and want to save costs on graffiti removal? Do you have an indoor space that needs some art and want to create a mural to elevate and enhance the space?

We are specialists in the visual medium and designing mural art for a myriad of businesses and councils. From bars, clubs and restaurants to cafes,  construction sites and corporate buildings.

What is Graffiti Art

Graffiti is not vandalism. Vandalism is unauthorised, graffiti art is authorised. Graffiti art has been welcomed into mainstream art, think of Melbourne’s thriving street art scene. Our team has the reach to engage local graffiti artists in the area and prevent repeated vandalism on the street art mural.

Engagement of local street artists promotes respect for professional graffiti artist work, including painted murals. This is the deterrent to preventing repeat vandalism but also advertising your professional service and engaging the immediate public to the space. Or simply creating a mural to prevent ongoing graffiti removal from vandalism.

Street Artists or Graffiti Artists

The term is little more than semantics, we use artists, and our team includes artists considered street artists and graffiti artists. Street art could be murals designed with quirks of the local community and graffiti art could be unique business signage or creative branding.

Our service is akin to artists for hire, but we coordinate the whole project from design to completion. The artistic production starts with a client brief so we can best understand the type of art you are after. Are we graffiti artists for hire? We are not just graffiti artists for hire, we have over 20 years of niche experience in signage, concept design, and detailed creative installation.

Graffiti Artist Campaign

A full-service campaign can include a marketing campaign, event, and branding for clients. And vice-versa we may simply be painting street murals for visual appeal preventing repeated street vandalism. Each job is tailored to the clients and desired art. So, it is not a one price fits all. Often our clients come to us with a budget and brief in mind. Which allows our team to design around this and meet the budget.

After the design brief, we provide an initial estimate for approval. From this point, we move to a formal quote with tailored solutions and a definite design. We take a deposit and begin the artist design process in full.

Concept designs are submitted for approval and up to 2 design alterations or refinements allowed for standard jobs. Once the final sign off is given we begin the installation process. This of course is the most exciting part, and the design is brought to life by our artists.

What Does It Cost?

Our services cover all areas of Melbourne, Sydney and in fact, we can provide services to every state in Australia. We have worked on murals with corporate clients providing mural wall art and local government councils to paint street art. The design service encompasses branding or logos if applicable, visual ideas, colour, and any other medium such as 3D signage.

The process follows the below steps.
• Send us a brief
• Approve our estimate
• Formal quote
• Pay deposit
• Concept design approval
• Artwork approval
• Production & Installation

If you have any questions or require an estimate, please do not hesitate to contact our team. or learn more about our process