'Daniel began painting graffiti murals in 1997 and over the last 25 years has painted hundreds of amazing murals. Daniel's art career includes community grant mural projects, artwork exhibitions, art murals produced as part of creative group collectives and collaborations with the world's finest street artists in Australia and overseas. His career has evolved into creating his own graffiti mural artwork business managing private, commercial, business and council graffiti art projects. '

'As Daniel matured as an artist he set up his own studio and travelled to world-renowned street festivals to collaborate and learn from amazing street artists. He has also flown overseas to produce street art and expand his knowledge plus passion for street art. His experience and skill within the street art and graffiti cultures have grown exponentially with well over 20 years of experience. With a high level of competence in painting skills and accomplishing successful artworks on a large scale, he continues to push the boundaries of his artworks and style plus capabilities. Being fully immersed in learning creative new processes and actively involved in the graffiti street art community. '

'After years of dedication to the various off-shoots of his street art career, Daniel has created his own personal style. He has reached and impressed an audience of not only the street art world globally but also artists in general, art lovers and the public through his unique murals, design and artworks. Daniel is able to paint across a wide range of subject matter which is reflected in his website and portfolio. *Large scale photo realism *Illustrative works *3 Dimensional works *Trompe L’oeil *Nature based themes '

'Every project always considers meeting the client's needs meshed with the purpose of the space itself, its location and its relationship to the community. His belief is that the artwork should reflect a community, not just the individual artist. '

'Through his experience and background in the creative industry, Daniel has evolved into a professional artist of substance, merit and experience. The processes behind his work ethic come from his strong knowledge of murals, street art and graffiti. Underpinned by his vast professional experience working within the design, exhibition and signage industry at a high level. Giving him unrivalled knowledge in; *Design process *Commercial art projects *Project management *Scheduling *Collaborative project management *Complete community engagement *Material procurement *Production & Fabrication *Installation *OHS *Access equipment. '

'Daniel's comprehensive experience as an artist within the creative industry together with his experience and substantial knowledge of various trades has enabled Daniel to create visually appealing, very distinctive and highly original mural artworks. Daniel resides in Rosebud and manages ‘It Stands Out’, a mural and design business that creates various artworks for commissions as well as still maintaining strong connections to some of Australia’s finest graffiti artists and street artists. '

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