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stencil Mural in Melbourne

Stencil street art has become one of the most sought-after ways for private and public organizations to connect with their communities and customers.
Here at It Stands Out, our stencil artist team has worked with countless companies and organizations in Melbourne, bringing them a truly unique piece of artwork.
We have been deeply involved in the Melbourne urban art scene for over 20 years, and that has given us a unique ability to understand how to best connect with the many diverse communities the city has to offer.

What Types Of Stencil Art Do We Offer

There is practically no limitation to what a street artist can create while making sure that every project is unique and directly connects with the target audience.
And while stencil street art is a unique technique, it’s also a great way to recreate artwork by reusing the same stencils.
And here are just some of the common projects we work on.

Branding And Logos

Graffiti art has fast become a favored approach for businesses to build new connections with customers, especially in the younger age categories.
And while a professional graffiti artist can paint a truly unique one-off piece of street art for branding and logos, it’s often necessary and important for a business to have the same artwork created multiple times in different locations.

And that is something our team has specialised in by helping organizations across Melbourne and Australia with amazingly creative services.

Repeat Patterns For Signage

Whether you need your branding displayed on a wall in multiple parts of your building, or you want to reach new parts of your community through unique advertising billboards, we’re able to recreate multiple versions of the same artwork, so you have the flexibility of getting it to the ideal locations.

Our professional artists all have experience and connections to communities in Melbourne, allowing us to send the right message for all of our clients.
And with reusable stencils, you can expand your project as far as you want.

Large Scale Murals

While mural artists mostly work on projects where they are painting one-off portraits for a community, it’s also possible to replicate murals across multiple locations in Melbourne and Australia.

Our graffiti artists for hire have painted many such murals using stencils, and their creativity allows for a dizzying array of detail.

Gallery Installations And Graffiti Workshops

While it might be a dream of every street artist to create enough recognised art for a solo exhibition, our team can also offer services to studio galleries and large corporate and industry events. We can cater for indoor and outdoor business and gallery events in Melbourne and even create live street art on canvas as a demonstration and workshop.

Private Homes And Offices

Our professional graffiti artists have also created unique and highly customized street and wall art using stencils for private homes and office spaces.
Using spray paint to create such unique street art for internal spaces is a great way to add fun to a children’s playroom or inspiration to an office environment.
What Kind Of Clients Do We Work With?

Graffiti art, in general, has become extremely popular, and as a result, we have seen increasing numbers of clients from both the private and public sectors.
And because many of them like both the effect of stencil art and the fact that the same piece of art can be recreated multiple times.
The creative process of our artists and their familiarity with all areas of Melbourne has allowed them to adapt to all the unique requirements of commercial and community projects.

Our Client-Centered Creative Process

We don’t just offer street artists and graffiti artists for hire but also make sure that you gain access to a service that manages the entire process.
While painting a wall with street art inside a private residence and office may be easy to organise, public displays of street art require strict adherence to regulations and permits in Melbourne.

And that’s why we have implemented a client-centered process to ensure you get exactly the artwork you want.

Step 1: Get in contact with us by phone or email with a brief description of who you are and what kind of art project you’re looking for.
Step 2: We will contact you with additional questions to make sure we can give you an accurate quote before you decide to hire us.
Step 3: We create a formal quote with a clear definition of the artwork you want to have painted, and you pay the deposit.
Step 4: We start the creative process and prepare a graphic design illustration of the piece of art. We also start to plan for permits and site access if required.
Step 5: We review the design concept with you and make adjustments as needed before getting your final approval
Step 6: Our team prepares the stencils, and with shapes created, we make arrangements to schedule the art installation.
It’s a tried and tested process that our clients have always complimented as it ensures they got exactly what they need to communicate with their target audience.

How Much Does Stencil Art Cost?

The cost of every stencil art installation is entirely dependent on several variables that result in vastly different quotes.

For street artists, there is the obvious cost of time associated with the size of the wall murals or canvases. But there is also a potential need to prepare a wall and hire equipment to safely access the space. And then, we factor in the level of detail. The more stencils we need to create, and the more realistic you want the final art to be, the more time-consuming the preparation and installation will be.

And finally, there’s the cost of the actual spray paint. The more different colours and unique effects you want to have in the art, the more those factors will influence the cost.

But this is something that our project management team will guide you through so that we quote you within your budget.

Contact The It Stands Out Team Today

Contact us today to receive a free quote and expert advice from the best graffiti artists in Melbourne city. Our team has a dedicated passion for providing a service with a unique perspective of Melbourne’s communities.

We work with local and international artists alike to give you the widest range of experience for your specific project requirements.
And if you need a graffiti artist to support city-wide workshops on stencil art, then we have you covered as well.