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When it comes to street art, it’s all about building a visual connection between people and communities as well as the businesses and organizations they encounter on a daily basis.

And it’s building those connections that our team of artists at It Stands Out has perfected over many years of living and working in Melbourne’s diverse communities.

Not only do we have the talent to create art with that instant wow effect, but our creative process involves collaborating with clients to create a message that resonates with your target audience.

Whether that’s a street art installation for a public office or charity, or you want to make your business and brand stand out in a completely new way, our mural artists will come up with the perfect solution.

What Types Of Street Artwork Do We Offer?

Street art is so much more than what many people imagine as graffiti art. And while there are endless different styles that a street artist might rely on, there is a general approach we take to incorporate street art culture with a specific connection to Melbourne.

Wall Murals

A wall mural is one of the more common artwork installations that we paint for public places where our clients are trying to build a community connection.

Whether that’s for a public skatepark to connect with local kids or a restaurant to target specific clients, our wall art will do an amazing job at communicating your message.

Our project managers will be able to come up with the ideal solutions for your space in the community and to ensure that all Melbourne city permits are in place.

Photo Realism Murals

Some of the most unique murals in the city of Melbourne involve highly realistic artworks of people, wildlife, and places.

This type of wall art can have a huge impact, especially when the main subject of a large mural directly targets emotions in the people that see the mural on a regular basis.

As a professional street and graffiti artist, it’s not just about having the talent to paint an amazing mural but also to include and trigger the intended emotions.

Billboard Posters

A typical private commission for a street artist would be from local businesses that want to break away from the traditional billboard advertisement.

Our street and graffiti artist team has been involved with many local businesses across Melbourne city and suburbs to manage the entire design, planning, and permit process.

Whether it’s for a special event or a new business launch, if you want your billboard to stand out and resonate with your community, then street art is an ideal solution.

Vintage Style Signage

Hiring a street and graffiti artist is also a great way to have vintage-style signage created. Our team has worked with many companies in Melbourne to completely reinvent the message their branding should send.

By combining street art for images with graffiti art for wording, you can target a completely new audience, and it’s often one of the best ways to build connections with young people.

Types Of Clients We Work With

Over 20 years, we have worked on countless public and private projects with all types of clients.

That includes commercial business premises and private residential homes and buildings to give them a truly unique piece of art.

We also regularly complete public art installations where we work with councils and charities.

And if you need an art installation for an exhibition or corporate event, then we guarantee that we have the right graffiti artist available for your specific requirements.

Our Tried And Tested Creative Process

Whether it comes to creating large murals, or small signage, we use the same process for all of our customers to ensure we provide maximum satisfaction.

Step 1: Contact us by phone or email with the high-level details of the type of artwork and location.

Step 2: Our team will follow up with you for additional questions about the location and design and provide you with an estimate.

Step 3: Once the project is fully defined, we send you a formal quote, and you hire us by paying the agreed deposit amount.

Step 4: Our artists now get to work to come up with custom designs for you to review and provide feedback.

Step 5: Once the concept ideas are final, you will provide your approval, and we get to work on planning the timing of the actual installation.

Step 6: A graffiti artist will arrive on the agreed day to prepare the walls. Depending on the size of the murals, signage, or billboards, this will take an artist anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Our project management service can also take care of organizing all permits and any equipment required for difficult-to-access locations.

How Much Does Street Art Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to indicate how much a mural or wall art will cost. In reality, it depends on several factors that are always completely unique to each project.

Our quoting process involves giving you an estimate based on the size of walls, the number of different colours, level of detail (photo realism vs. Keith Haring style cartoon art), background preparation, permit requirements, and how easily accessible the space and site are.

You’ll work directly with our professional project managers and graffiti artists to come up with a project outline, and we can work around your budget constraints in the process as well.

But one thing is for sure; you’ll always end up with an amazing job that other artists cannot compete with.

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Our professional team of graffiti street artists for hire has built up a large collection of vastly different and unique mural projects across Melbourne and Australia.

Check out our latest projects and contact us today for a free quote and advice on how to best plan out your project in a unique way.

We’ll work directly with you to ensure you get the artwork that sends the right message and connects with your target audience in Melbourne. Whether that’s for a private home or a live installation at an events venue or galleries, we have the ideal professional solution for you.