‘The Mystery of the Rosebud Treasure’

Mural Pirates on the Mornington Peninsula... [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4cuJ8QROoI&t=15s[/embed] Graffiti Art Treasure found in Rosebud... It Stands Out recently organised and executed a large 50 Metre Long Graffiti Art Mural on the side of Cash Deal Rosebud located off Point Nepean Road, Rosebud. Few people know the meaning of the name Rosebud and the history behind the name. The town is actually named after after a famous Trading Vessel called the Rosebud…

Melbourne Fashion Week 2021 / Boldly Different: Millinery Exhibition

Melbourne Fashion Week 2021: Boldly Different... Last year we were lucky enough to collaborate in the process of designing and painting some graffiti artwork for Rachel Henry, a talented Melbourne Milliner that was showcasing her work as part of a Millinery Exhibition 'Boldly Different'. This exhibition was organised by Millinery Australia for Melbourne Fashion week. Check Out this video of Rachel Henry's work for this fantastic exhibition..  [video width="1920" height="1080"…

The ISO Grafficionado Blog

Are you passionate about graffiti and street art?

Welcome everyone, to all graffiti community, enthusiasts, fans, artists, writers, musicians, hip hop heads and creatives that share a passion for graffiti and street art culture.

For quite some years through discussions with fellow like minded graffiti artists about the graffiti community. We always wanted to put together a graffiti community hub as such to be able to give a platform to promote, educate and enhance our culture.. we have now decided to make it happen!

We invite you to be part of an informative and impartial blog that gives a truthful insight into the graffiti and street art culture and community, that focusses predominantly within Australia but also the whole world.

This is our first proud blog post and the beginning of The ISO Grafficionado blog, a blog dedicated to keeping you graffiti aficionados up to date on what’s happening in the world of graffiti, and an insightful forum for the graffiti culture that transcends from that and the community that surrounds the art form.

We have proudly been thoroughly involved in the Australian graffiti scene for over 28 years and want to share our passion, knowledge and love for the graffiti and street art scenes through an informative blog that entails everything about the culture and promotes artists and collectives involved or in the art form.

Want to be involved in the Community?

We wish to exposé the scene as a whole and welcome any feedback or content itself to promote and engage our community and people that are interested in its many facets.

This blog has been setup to keep you up to date on new art from the scene as well as an insight into exhibitions, artworks, products, events and and some of the best artists within the scene and what they are producing, as well as the current hot topics and discussions that surround the art form itself.

This blog is to act as a tool to promote our community and to support and link artists within this culture that we are all so passionate about. If you feel like you have something to contribute then please get in touch with us!

Check out some of our projects from earlier this year below and please follow the blog and our instagram @grafficionado and keep your eyes peeled to keep up to date on what’s happening.. watch this space!!

From The ISO Grafficionado Blog Team.. Welcome!


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