'Daniel first began painting murals in 1997 & has completed hundreds of murals, successfully executed numerous community grants mural projects, exhibited artwork, been part of numerous creative group collectives, started a creative business, set up a studio and travelled the world painting alongside and in collaboration with some of the worlds finest street artists for renowned festivals, many clients &to follow his own personal passion for art.'

'His experience and skill within the street art and graffiti cultures has grown exponentially with well over 20 years experience at a high level of competence in painting skills & accomplishing successful artworks on a large scale. He continues to push the boundaries of his artworks, style & capabilities as an all round creative by learning new processes & by being involved in community & collaborative projects.'

'After years of dedication to the various off-shoots of his street art career, Daniel has created his own personal style which has reached & impressed an audience of not only the street art world globally but also artists in general, art lovers, design aficionados and the public through his unique murals, design and artworks in general. Daniel is able to paint across a wide range of subject matter which is reflected in his website and portfolio... From large scale photo realism, Illustrative works, 3 Dimensional works, Trompe L’oeil, Nature based themes, always considering and meeting the client’s needs, the purpose of the space itself, its’ location and relationship to community. His belief is that the artwork itself should reflect a community, not just the individual artist.'

'Through his experience and background in the creative industry Daniel has evolved into a professional artist of substance, merit & experience. The processes behind his work ethic comes from his strong knowledge of murals, street art and graffiti underpinned by his vast professional experience working within the design, exhibition & signage industry at a high level of competence giving him unrivalled knowledge in design, fine art, commercial art, project management, scheduling, community engagement, material procurement, production, installation, OHS & access equipment.'

'His comprehensive experience as an artist within the creative industry together with his experience & substantial knowledge of various trades has enabled Daniel to create visually appealing, very distinctive and highly original artworks.'

'Daniel resides in Rosebud & manages ‘It Stands Out”, a mural & design business that creates various artworks for commissions as well as still maintaining strong connections to the well known Everfresh studio in Collingwood.'



It Stands Out

Daniel created ISO in 2008 through the government NEIS scheme. ISO passionately specialises in murals, street art, graffiti art, signage, creative installations, graphic design, project management, art direction, graffiti prevention & community engagement. ISO offers the whole package with years of commitment and passion in their field. ISO has painted numerous projects across Australia & the globe in collaboration with some of the best street artists & collectives there are.

Hanan Displays

After working at Hanan Displays for a year as a Signwriter Daniel was promoted to the role as the design & graphic production department manager, & eventually took over managing the IT section of the business as well. This role enabled him to take responsibility for ongoing work and contracts for clients such as GE, The VRC, Flemington Racecourse (Spring Carnival), VISY, Astra Zeneca, Parks Victoria, Police Credit Union, Schweppes and many more. This work included design, production, quality control, pre-press, training staff, procurement of media and materials, client liasing, supplier liaising, implementing job processes, managing/delegating tasks & meeting tight deadlines on some of the largest sign rollouts in Australia.


Daniel began working for this professional Sign-writing company to get insight into graphic production & gain experience as a signwriter.


Everfresh / Collingwood

SafeHouse Studio & Everfresh Studio merged in 2016 providing a larger studio environment that has houses the best of Australian street artists. The studio is a hub for artists to collaborate on large scale projects & artworks for councils and private entities, businesses & collectors. The artists involved with this studio have done some of the largest projects both in Australia & internationally.

Safehouse Studio & Gallery / Richmond

Daniel started & managed Safehouse Studio in Richmond which was a collaborative studio that focussed on murals, street art & graffiti art. The studio was setup to allow for a collective of renowned street artists to collaborate on projects & to develop their individual artworks. The studio hosted numerous gallery shows & collaborations

Per Square Metre Studio & Gallery / Collingwood

Per Square Metre Gallery was a community of artists & designers who worked together both as a collective and individually for various creative work that includes: Design, Illustration, Toy Design, Printing, Painting, Artwork, Concepts, Murals, Shows & Exhibitions. The gallery had been established for over 10 years & was the first street art gallery as such in Melbourne that housed some of Australia’s finest street artists.


Daniel has had broad experience working alongside various styles of artists for various community events & festivals across Australia & the world which celebrate & showcase murals, graffiti/street art culture. Some of these festivals include: Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Step in the Arena (Holland), Meeting of Styles (Belgium, Italy & Australia), Walk the Walls Festival (Sydney), Hit The Bricks (Newcastle), Half-Stars (Newcastle), Hamilton Jam (Newcastle) & many more.


2007-2008 / RMIT: Post-Graduate Degree in Graphic Communication
2007 / Airbrush Venturi: Airbrushing levels 1,2 & 3
2004 / CAE : Advanced Adobe Illustrator
2003 / CAE : Advanced Adobe Photoshop
2003 / Info-Exchange: Certificates 1 and 2 in Information Technology
2001-2002 / NDS: Folio Design Course
2000 / RMIT: Industrial Design Folio Course
1993-1999 / Trinity Grammar School / VCE


Daniel has gained many skills through all the design to production process in many programs that are not only used to create artwork and produce artwork but also to pass the correct production based files to contractors for applications such as: laser cutting, high pressure water cutting, offset printing, large scale digital printing, screenprinting, embroidery, packaging & signage. The programs he uses efficiently and fluently are: Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Lightroom), ProCreate, SignLab, Onyx, Colorgate, FlexiSign, Microsoft Office & many more..